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Adaptogens: Ancient Herbs for Modern Living

By 10 June, 2024 No Comments

By now, you have likely heard about adaptogens. But what is the hype all about? Can these mystical botanicals really combat stress and restore harmony in our lives?

Adaptogens are extracts from a select group of herbs and medicinal mushrooms that have been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic healing traditions. Thriving in extreme conditions, adaptogens symbolise resilience, offering bespoke remedies to recalibrate our body’s stress response – whether that means a boost of energy, relaxation or daily stress support. They effectively address a multitude of bodily functions – physical, mental and biological.

Incorporating these magical herbs into your daily routine is remarkably straightforward. Available in powders, capsules, teas and foods, they can easily slip into your morning smoothie, afternoon tea or an evening treat. Adaptogens encourage consistency —they are more of a long-distance hike rather than a brisk walk and their benefits are best felt over time as your body needs to gradually adapt and respond to them.

Ashwagandha, a popular adaptogen known for its stress-reducing properties can soothe nerves and bring you back to a state of peace. Rhodiola is more of an energiser or a happiness tonic, perfect for those days when your to-do list seems endless. Tulsi, or Holy Basil, promotes balance and calm, so it’s very effective when you’re feeling mood swings. Eleuthera, or Siberian Ginseng can help you stay focused and support fertility. Notably, the Maca root, with its Peruvian origins, offers a range of advantages – from stress management and mood enhancement to a natural energy lift —sans caffeine. At Mikasa Ibiza boutique hotel we’ve added maca root to a couple of our smoothies to make it easier for you to savour its benefits in your healthy vegan breakfast in Ibiza, against the backdrop of the island’s best vistas.


The beauty of adaptogens lies in their versatility and how they attune to your body depending on your needs. But remember, natural doesn’t mean harmless so it’s crucial to research thoroughly before trying them. While adaptogens offer holistic support, they are no substitute for adequate sleep, a nourishing diet and emotional fulfilment.

Integrate adaptogens into your lifestyle

Start slow: One adaptogen at a time so that you can identify how they affect you.
Quality matters: invest in high-quality adaptogens from reliable sources. Research brands that adhere to rigorous quality checks and ethical sourcing.
Listen to your body
Seek guidance: depending on your circumstances, consider speaking to a knowledgeable herbalist or professional
Holistic: remember, adaptogens are a complement a well-rounded lifestyle.

Mikasa favourite: Maca

Valued since Incan times, maca is a nutrient powerhouse as well as a stabiliser for those seeking harmony. This extraordinary root carries indigenous wisdom from the rugged terrain of the high Andes. As an adaptogen, the root flourishes in harsh conditions and makes it an essential ally to battle against stress. Maca helps equip the body allowing a more centred and vibrant state. Invigorating, nourishing and balancing, it’s the perfect natural bioactive complement to a contemporary lifestyle.