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From time immemorial, peoples of the world have been awed, humbled and inspired by Nature’s enduring power, both beautiful and fierce. They gazed at the sky and charted the stars; they memorized the motions of tides, lived by the rise and fall of the sun and worshipped the gods that commanded them.

The moon was their guide to the seasons, and every new full moon was named for the behaviours of the native plants, animals or weather that surrounded them at that time. With each lunar cycle, the rhythm of their life changed in harmony with the world around them, as the new moon brought with it powers of new growth and transformation.

Monthly moons

Snow Moon January

This moon was named for the overpowering snow drifts that would cover the land early in the year, bringing all routine activity to a halt. Find comfort and clarity in the overwhelming power of the elements.

Hunger Moon February

A variation on this name appears in many cultures and languages, but always for the same reason: this moon heralded a scarcity of food and the need to strip back to bare essentials. Encounter a space to declutter your mind and embrace life’s simplest pleasures.

Crown Moon March

A bird that symbolises knowledge, courage and the power to transform, the cawing of crows was looked for as the sign that heralded the end of winter and beginning of spring. Pursue greater wisdom and the potential for self-improvement.

Wild Goose Moon April

Named for the wild geese that would lay their eggs at this time. Devoted to their flock and their life-mate, the wild goose simultaneously represented freedom and community. Broaden your horizons alongside those you love.

Planting Moon May

A time for new beginnings and looking to the future, seeds were sown under this moon in the hope that they would yield healthy crops. Embark on a new journey of self-discovery.

Rose Moon June

This moon was dedicated to the vibrant, fragrant roses that bloomed throughout the month. Often named for something sweet, it was also known to some as the Strawberry or Mead Moon. Discover romance, beauty and an opportunity to awaken the senses.

Thunder Moon July

This moon brought with it ferocious, unpredictable thunderstorms which made entire communities and the earth beneath them quake. Connect with ancient energies and positive vibrations.

Corn Moon August

A time for reaping what you have sown, under the Corn Moon people would celebrate the harvest’s yield and the fruits of their labour and patience. Indulge in well-deserved reward and self-care.

Hunting Moon September

Hunting parties would navigate the wild in pursuit of the animals who had become fattened over the hot months, and would sustain them throughout the cold. Lose yourself to ambitious activities and deep wilderness.

Falling Leaf Moon October

The most visible sign of the changing season was the appearance of the moon under which the trees would shed their fragile, golden leaves. Detox body and mind to rid yourself of anything that no longer serves you.

Mad Moon November

Mating season for deer, when the bucks would succumb to their most basic instincts and effectively turn ‘mad’ with lust. Step outside your comfort zone to embrace a raw creative energy.

Long Night Moon December

The month of the longest night of the year; a time to either rest and restore or to stay awake and while away the hours. Uncover the answers to life’s greatest questions.

Season moons

Spring Phoenix

Renowned across the globe as the season of rebirth, rejuvenation and regrowth, spring is also known as the best time for finding love, beginning journeys and starting new ventures. Discover new inspiration in nurturing surroundings.

Summer Scorpion

Heat, fire, passion; summer is synonymous with hazy, sun-soaked days, living in nature and losing yourself to wilder impulses, perhaps in order to find yourself once again. Succumb to your deepest desires.

Autumn Serpent

Nature’s canvas; golden, crimson, bronze strokes adorn this season. When the leaves turn and fall, the year begins to slowly wind down, bringing with it a fresh breeze and a new rhythm of life. Experience a change of pace, to see things from a new perspective.

Winter Eagle

Typically the harshest, most turbulent season, winter is a time for hibernating and turning your attention inwards, allowing yourself to reflect and be restored. Luxuriate in a heightened sense of well-being.

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