Mediterranean Levantine Cusine

Mediterranean Levantine Cusine

The Levantine refers to the food and flavours from the Eastern Mediterranean. They promise a journey that will transport you into the very heart of the bustling medinas found on the Southeast corner of the Mediterranean.

Levantine cuisine embraces the many cultures that make up this fertile region, best known for dishes like hummus, tabbouleh and tahini and are now widely eaten throughout the world.

Mikasa is a place to feel at home, to share a great meal with friends and relax over good food. We wanted to create the only Levantine restaurant on the island in celebration of being able to break bread and make great memories with your loved ones.

Frühstück & Mittagessen ganztägig

Auf der ganzen Welt gilt das Frühstück als wichtigste Mahlzeit des Tages. Deshalb können Sie bei uns den ganzen Tag über frühstücken.

Bestellen Sie jederzeit zwischen 8:00 Uhr und 19:00 Uhr